The Essential Accessories

So a Raspberry Pi is cheap yes, but still it isn’t a buy and turn on product. The Raspi still needs at minimum a power supply and an SD card of at least 2GB. And then you still need a screen and cable to the screen. I already have an LCD TV (LG) and an HDMI cable (yes the Raspi has HDMI out and is capable of 1080p!) and I managed to dig up an old blackberry charger that is listed as compatible with the Raspi. I didn’t have an SD card available however so I had to go out and buy this Sandisk Ultra 4GB SDHC for 10.29$ tax in.

The Raspberry Pi also comes “naked” all components exposed and for every day use can be fragile. I have seen some people open up their TV’s to install the Raspi, I’ve seen mounts to attach them to the rear of a TV and various enclosures. You can basically make your own case out of anything, including lego and cigarette boxes. I chose to buy a clear acrylic case to show off the awesomeness of the Raspi while still protecting it. Coming from the UK though so delivery delay of 5-7 days according to Royal Mails website. This came to 9.47$ after shipping and exchange rates.

Cost so far: 69.76$

The board really is the size of a credit card!

The board

Today I picked up a Raspberry Pi Model B. They sell for 35$ plus taxes, shipping, customs and exchange rates and most people say they paid around 47$ when it was all set and done. Current wait times are about 4 weeks before they can be shipped out due to high demand and low(ish) production. I found a seller on Kijiji for 50$ and available for pick-up immediately. I didn’t mind to pay the 3$ extra. I plan on turning the Raspi into my main media centre PC, to replace my Macbook (which is replacing my  ~5 year old windows desktop that likes to blue screen whenever it pleases). I have my Macbook running XBMC and it works perfectly, but I feel bad having it run such a mundane task when it is capable of so much more. So if this project completes as expected my Macbook can replace my desktop as my main machine and leave the Raspi permanently hooked up to the living room TV with its sole purpose being to stream content from various sources and controllable from the sofa with XBMC.

Cost to date: 50$